your message, in English
1. A communication
transmitted by words,
signals, or other means
from one person, station,
or group to another.

2. The substance of such
a communication; the
point or points conveyed.


"Kevin joined our team of freelancers working on a long project spanning many months, and rapidly became the client’s preferred translator for their texts. I was very pleased with his professional approach to deadlines and solving technical or other problems."
Unurmaa Janchiv, Project Manager, Lingua Global

"Rather than one of the more common formats, our client provided their text as Takoma content management system files, but Kevin had no problem in dealing with that. The translated files were successfully processed by the client's system, as with the subsequent lots, which finally totalled over 100,000 words."
Kathryn Hamilton, Project Manager, Semos Language Services

"Kevin joined the University of Bristol as a tutor on our on-line Master's programme in translation, having made an outstanding contribution to translation software development in his own Master's dissertation. Experienced professionals who combine advanced technological expertise, high-level translation competence and the ability to train others on-line are at a premium. Kevin immediately proved to be an invaluable member of the team and is much appreciated by everyone - students, colleagues and fellow-translators alike."
Adrienne Mason, Programme Co-ordinator, School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol